“Flame Silver Astrologer predicts Prime Minister and Political Power in Thailand’s 2019 Elections”

2023-05-25 14:33:20

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flame silver

Astrologer “Pinyo Pongcharoen” predicted and predicted that the election on May 14, 2013, the person who will become Prime Minister
No P.S., P.S.!
P. P. was both P. Prayuth, and P. Pom.
As for Por, it was both Por Pitha and Por Phae Thong Than.
If it’s a lottery, the dealer tells you no matter which face it comes out. I pay one child

I will read the letters in the pot of holy water. “Teacher Flame”

that the next prime minister….

Teacher can be both “Aung Ing” and “Anutin”

As for the P.A., they can get both “Form” and “Prayut”.
(For P. Prayuth, it is reserved when reaching the end of the sliding way.)

As for “Por. Phitha”, candle flowers do not appear on the letters in the pot at all, there are only Aj. and Por.

But if exiting “Pae Thong Tarn”, it is considered retaliated. because of Aung Ing with Col. Paethongthan Anulom, “Same Family”
The dealer “pays half”!

But if you want to get rich, “Prime Minister Lottery”, the draw that will be released in August, bet on “Ang District” as a favorite!

P. Pla is a “body”, stabbed on the end of the glove, when it smells good on the doctor’s mouth.

I’ve told you that “what is” isn’t always “the right thing”. If you don’t believe, don’t disrespect

Because “Bangkok Amon Rattanakosin” is not a pig, dog, chicken, anywhere – anyone.

If you want to have power to occupy, you will always have “as you wish”
It’s not that easy, my friend, but it’s not that hard.

I just want to “honestly set up – conscience” to be aware of the nation. Not crazy in thinking back – hiding tricks to do Yum Ban-Yum Mueang

“Phra Suea Mueang, Phra Song Mueang, City Pillar, Phra Siam Thewathirat Thao Sakkha Thewarat, Thao Mahaprom, Thao Chatulokaban Thao Wessuwan godfather of spear drums Godfather Chetakupt Godfather Phra Kanchaisri”

He was delighted and received the sacrificial offerings from the Kumara Kumaris and bestowed good fortune.

The Buddha said that ……….
“The heart is the chief, the heart is the chief, the heart is the most important. Everything succeeds-fails in the heart.

Pita – a step away, “it’s not too late”

If you want to be prime minister want to have power to run the country tell everyone in the party including Thanathorn-Piyabutr

Let’s change the crooked “Mind Circle” to become “Uchujit” only now.

Have you ever seen a movie within? The Chinese monk reminded the wicked that “Ommm, Amitabha, ahead is an abyss. Repentance is the other side.” That’s it.

It’s still time, there’s still time. “Adjust Attitude”

Isn’t it because of “Crooked Mind”?

Despite the fact that 313 “Oranges” are overflowing, “The sky can’t stop” not to go far and have power to control the country’s mechanisms, with Phitha as Prime Minister.

But that’s smooth.
Now everything seems to be “slippery” on the cliff, for no apparent reason at all!

Why do you understand?

I read the news, Mr. “Sirikanya”, the deputy head of the progress “Acting Finance Minister” said on the day of signing the MOU on May 22, she went to see the auspicious occasion.

That shows that deep down in her new life, she still believes in Thai mottos.

Although contrary to the “three-finger cult” that tries to remove “Religion – Belief – Gratitude” from the disciple’s brain, both young and gray-headed

Miss Sirikanya as noticed Look at her weight of power in the party.

Use that belief to “open the world” for your party and yourself!

Day-two today, “Pitha” seems to have been hit by “Luk Ching”, the killer from Pheu Thai until his head hurts. escape the scene for Sirikanya “Jade Sword Hand” came out to take his face instead.

She’s not just “pretty-rich-smart”, her world is beautiful!

She said “still believe – still confident” 141 votes for Pheu Thai Still ready to be a donor for 151 voices to move forward to become the government leader

and full of confidence that ……….
In addition to the position of chief executive Head of Parliament It must also be a step forward.
By “Pheu Thai” ready to respond!

Sirikanya, she really is “beautiful in the world”, she is beautiful in the midst of the hum of the far-flung crowd and the Pheu Thai people.

What is indispensable is a pair of children from each side and academics, the line “commentator” on the screen.

Who is the tail of which party? “Go far – for Thailand” because he knows everything. He knows more than the owner of the party!

And you know, “Ph. Ung Ing” has a blind eye and hurries to meet his father where no one knows, like an “emergency-emergency” the day before yesterday.

“Missing Dad”…….
Or does “father” have something to “think”?

And do you think that Thaksin took a message from Mr. Duangrit’s tweet at one part that …..

“I have to put up with those who call themselves friends. Do you really kick your feet in the face every day?….” Retweets with a short post that “Sound Familiar krub” is

What does Thaksin want to convey?

Can the “electing finance minister” level smarts catch the intent?

I can’t catch it. Can’t translate. Please translate. Saw the other day “Thai to Thai” showed foreigner skills. Interview with each other, the light flashes!
to be finance minister Prepared too.

The wage is 450 baht. It’s not too late. Now the industry has moved its production base to escape the wages to Indo-Vietnam.

Bachelor’s degree 25,000 baht Advance MOU has begun

Newborn gift 3,000, small child 1,200/month, senior 3,000/month, cremation 10,000/corpse, handicapped 3,000/month….etc….

There are only people crying, wanting to be born, wanting to get old, wanting to be crippled, and wanting (let it) die quickly.

This…progressive Thai welfare announced

beautiful finance minister Didn’t come out and repeat to reassure me a bit? “You can do it – you can do it”?

Like I said, the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives. go a long way Pheu Thai is not sure Don’t leave a step too far, like that.

Because the pregnant, the young, the old, the handicapped, and the dead are waiting.
Go far, don’t “fight, lie”!

Sirikanya claimed that the “President of the National Assembly” must be a person who is far ahead. Because it has to perform 3 missions.

– Push for 45 laws to follow campaign policies
– push for constitutional amendments open the way to “Draft new constitution” and
– push for a transparent parliament and pushing for a “Youth Council”

It’s sympathetic……

because all 3 missions are “tasting missions” to “flowering-bearing” according to the main goal

For example, amending/cancelling Section 112, dividing land alleys through the process “Governor elections”, dissolution of the army, etc.

Just take what you like. Entering power, will be faithful to the MOU, not turning to “deceitful” nature

As long as no one believes……..
“Step forward” to become a government “!

flame silver
26 May 2023

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