Flanders shifts up a gear with the vaccination campaign

In Flanders, the vaccination campaign against the new corona virus is gearing up this week. Some 129,489 syringes containing a vaccine against covid-19 will be administered. By way of comparison: last week 78,422 corona vaccines were put in Flanders.

Especially in hospitals this is a major catch-up operation. Up to 75,860 vaccines will be distributed to staff, up from just 28,088 last week.

For the first time, people aged 65 and over from assisted living apartments (service flats) will also have their turn. Specifically, 15,318 syringes with the Pfizer vaccine are planned for them.

For the vaccination centers, where primary care personnel can receive a vaccine from AstraZeneca, the number of deliveries this week is limited to 21,500 units. That is only a small increase compared to last week. The Flemish Agency for Care and Health has already announced that 39,100 AstraZeneca vaccines and 12,564 Pfizer vaccines will be distributed in the week of 8 March. The latter are intended for primary care staff over 55 years of age.

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The sector for people with disabilities will be slightly less fortunate this week than last week: 13,758 vaccines versus 23,184. The campaign should be over there by the end of this month.

Finally, the vaccination campaign in the Flemish residential care centers is now almost complete. More than 98.85 percent of the vaccines have been delivered, and about 3,053 Pfizer vaccines will be administered this week. The effects are clearly visible because the number of corona outbreaks has already decreased sharply, according to the Agency for Care and Health.

For new staff members or new residents of those residential care centers, the Agency has determined that the first group can go to the vaccination centers. For the new residents, the rest home must contact a hub hospital.


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