Flare-throwing Tottenham Hotspur’s Hischarlisson can’t play in EPL opening game

Brazil national team striker Hisharlisson, ambitiously recruited by Tottenham Hotspur, English professional football club, is expected to miss the English Premier League (EPL) opening game next season.

This is because he was disciplined by the England Football Association (FA) for throwing flares at the crowd at the end of the 2021-2022 season.

The FA announced in a statement on the 5th (local time) that he could not play against Southampton, the first round of the 2022-2023 EPL, while suspending Hisharlisson for one game.

Hischarlisson was also fined £25,000.

Hischarlisson, who played for Everton, who stayed in the relegation zone last season dramatically, scored the winning goal in the 35th round against Chelsea in May, when the competition for the rankings was in full swing.

After sprinting into the stands for the goal ceremony, he found a flare that fell on his way back to the ground and threw it back into the stands.

The FA decided that this behavior was an act that threatened the safety of the spectators, so held a hearing and decided to take disciplinary action.

Hischarlisson moved to Watford in 2017 after playing with Brazil America MG and Fluminense before entering the English stage.

He recorded 53 goals and 14 assists in a total of 152 games for Everton, including 10 goals (5 assists) in the regular season last season.

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