Flemish Lise (18) sings our national anthem in talk show Ellen DeGe …

Make her appearance twice in the talk show of the well-known American TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres. She can hardly understand it herself, but Lise Joostens (18) from Mechelen managed to do it last week.

On the star’s Instagram account, Lise saw a call passing to be part of the virtual audience. She got into the show and even won a game with the ‘Bottle Filip Challenge’. Lise was so sick of her milk that she lost the lyrics to the Belgian national anthem: “Oh my god, my country is gonna hate me for this. I totally forgot ”, she said.

To her great surprise, Lise got a second chance last Wednesday. Full of dedication she introduced the ‘Audience Olympics’ with the Brabançonne. “Say hi to everybody in Belgium and tell them we love their waffles”, responded Ellen DeGeneres. A television moment that Lise will remember for the rest of her life.



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