Flight alerts when Mount Sinabung erupted for the eighth time in a week

Jakarta, AFP. The flight warning was issued following the eruption of Indonesia’s Mount Sinabung volcano on Thursday. After this explosion, there was 2 km of ash in the sky. This volcano erupted for the eighth time in less than a week on the island of Sumatra.

Life began at Sinabumb in 2010 for the first time in 400 years. The volcano, which was dormant for years, exploded again in 2013 and has been active since then. In 2016, seven people died from the eruption of Mount Sinabung, while in 2014 as many as 16 people died. At the end of 2018, a volcano erupted in the Gulf between Java and Sumatra Island, causing more than 400 deaths from underwater landslides and tsunamis. Indonesia has 130 active volcanoes and is therefore called the Ring of Fire.

However, there was no damage from this explosion. The volcanic eruption occurred in 2016. Radistya Jati, spokesperson for the Indonesian Digestive Mitigation Agency, was also worried about the volcanic eruption and alerted airlines. Locals are advised to exercise caution and wear face masks when going. The previous Monday there had been a large amount of ash and smoke reaching an altitude of about five thousand meters at the Mount Sinabung volcano. Because of that, the surrounding area became extremely dark. There were no reports of anyone being injured or losing their life in the volcanic eruption on Monday morning, although authorities warned of a rapid eruption of lava and other eruptions.

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