Flights to Honolulu: ANA shows the interior of their Airbus A380

The Japanese airline will soon start its flights with the Airbus A380 between Tokyo and Honolulu. Now she shows what it will look like on board.

ANA All Nippon Airways is scheduled to start on May 24th. The Japanese airline took an order from Airbus for three Airbus A380s, which should actually go to the insolvent company Skymark. Painted as giant turtles, the three super jumbos are now supposed to transport tourists between Tokyo and Honolulu.

ANA took delivery of the first Airbus A380 at the end of last month, the second is to follow soon and begin service on July 1st. The company is currently preparing for the final preparations. Before it starts soon, ANA shows in advance what it will look like in the cabin of the latest addition to the fleet.

A total of four classes

The classes on board are clearly divided for the 520 passengers: the 383 Economy Class seats are mainly located on the lower floor. The seats are installed in a 3-4-3 arrangement. A little more than 86 centimeters separate the blue and white seats, which are equipped with USB plugs and touchscreens for entertainment.

A special feature is waiting in the rear area of ​​the economy class: with 70 seats, the three or four-seater benches can be converted into beds with extendable supports. ANA introduces these seats for the first time and markets them particularly to families and couples. The special seats can be booked for an additional charge, the surcharge varies according to the number of seats booked.

Much to little change

More solvent customers will sit on the upper deck of the A380. First Class (8 seats), Business Class (56 seats) and Premium Economy (73 seats) are located there. ANA also introduces new products in these classes. For the first time, the first class seats will be arranged in separate boxes, the large partitions should provide more privacy.

But it should also be more collaborative on the first floor. Some seats in Business Class will share an armrest – of course correspondingly large – to facilitate conversations between passengers traveling together or extroverted passengers. Apart from this detail, ANA is already using the same business class in its Boeing 777 and Boeing 787.

Also sit in the stretch dreamliner

The Premium Economy seats are newer. ANA introduced the new version of the upper wood class in their new Boeing 787-10 last month. Travelers who have booked here will have a seat pitch of 97 centimeters.

In the picture gallery above you can see what the cabin of the Airbus A380 looks like at All Nippon Airways ANA.

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