Flo Malley reacts to Jenifer’s rant

THE VOICE ALL STARS. Jenifer was publicly offended by Flo Malley’s qualification against Al.Hy in the cross-battles. The candidate for the semi-finals of The Voice reacted in an interview.

[Mis à jour le 16 octobre 2021 à 20h45] This is the incident that should not be missed in The Voice All Stars. On October 2, 2021, the cross-battles of this anniversary season began, broadcast on TF1. Flo Malley of Patrick Fiori’s team faced Al.Hy of Jenifer’s team. The public preferred the performance of the first to the second, which led to the elimination of the latter. An announcement that did not please Jenifer at all, who did not fail to let it know: “I’m shocked, she said. I’m leaving the show. I’m not continuing. ” The coach thus left the stage a few minutes before returning, apologizing for her behavior which she justifies at the height of her disappointment.

After this stroke of blood from Jenifer in The Voice, Flo Malley, semi-finalist of this All Stars 2021 season, reacted in an interview with Cinérevue: “She had extenuating circumstances but she must overcome her incomprehension […] I don’t throw stones at him, I don’t blame him, I’m not someone with a grudge. Having said that, I think I have my place on the show just as much as the other candidates. “The candidate of The Voice All Stars believes that Jenifer did not make a” strategic choice “in sending Al.Hy. A mixed opinion by the coach herself, as she explained later in the columns of Télé Loisirs: “You had to be a minimum strategist and I was not at all. It was hot. It was very special. Especially for the talents who were waiting their turn in the stands. “

To accompany Nikos Aliagas during the season The Voice All Stars, the production of the tele-hook appealed to some of the most accustomed jurors of the show. Florent Pagny, Mika, Jenifer, Zazie and Patrick Fiori will divide the various candidates already known of The Voice to take one to the final victory in this special tenth anniversary season of The Voice on TF1. Of course, Nikos Aliagas is still the star presenter of the show, accompanied by Karine Ferri.

Former candidates of The Voice have signed their comeback in the TF1 show on the occasion of the All Stars edition. Among them, some qualified and qualified the teams. Here is the composition of the teams of each coach at the end of the blind auditions. In Florent Pagny’s team, we find Anne Sila, MB14, Manon, Dominique Magloire, Ana Ka (eliminated during the cross-battles), Anahy (eliminated during the cross-battles); Jenifer’s team is composed of Amalya Delepierre, Al.Hy (eliminated during cross-battles), Ogee (eliminated during cross-battles), Charlie (eliminated during cross-battles), Leelou Garms (eliminated during cross-battles) and Antony Trice (eliminated during cross-battles); at the house of Zazie, we find Gjon’s Tears, Demi Mondaine, Olympe (eliminated during cross-battles), Louise Combier (eliminated during cross-battles), Yoann Launier (eliminated during cross-battles), Will Barber; in Mika’s team, there are Paul Ventimila, Victoria Adamo, Anthony Touma, Terrence James, Ecco (eliminated in cross-battles) and Néo (eliminated in cross-battles); finally, on the side of Patrick Fiori, the team is made up of Flo Malley, Emmy Liyana (eliminated during cross-battles), Louis Delort, Atef Sedkaoui (eliminated during cross-battles), Antoine Galley and Cassidy Cruiks (eliminated during cross-battles).

The Voice program sheet

In 2021, it was Marghe, from Florent Pagny’s team, who was voted the big winner of season 10 of The Voice. The 22-year-old won 68% of the public’s votes, against 32% for her opponent, Jim Bauer. The singer will therefore sign a contract with Universal Music and record an album. The 2021 The Voice finale was different from the rest. A new rule has been put in place, with a first public vote to choose two candidates. The two “super-finalists” were able to interpret original titles to show their musical universe. Marghe was able to convince viewers with a song she wrote and composed, titled “Forget Everything”.

Usually, the tele-hook The Voice sets the pace for the return to school in January for the first channel in France. Traditionally, TF1 launches its new season of “The Voice, the most beautiful voice” in mid-January with blind auditions. In 2021, the show began on February 6 for a broadcast every Saturday at 9:05 p.m. on TF1. It is also followed by a program called “The Voice, the suite” which reveals part of the backstage of TF1’s flagship program. The 2021 season ended on Saturday May 15, 2021 with Marghe’s victory in the final. Note that this year, TF1 is also broadcasting an All Stars season of The Voice rather than a season dedicated to children with The Voice Kids. The Voice All Stars 2021, a special season to celebrate the show’s 10th anniversary, airs from September 11, 2021 to October 23, 2021.

Like all TF1 programs, The Voice is available for replay for seven days after the episode has aired. So don’t delay too long to catch up. TF1 programs are available in replay on the MyTF1.fr website or on the replays tabs of your TV box. This is the perfect opportunity to not miss any episode of The Voice competition each year. Note also that the website is also full of unseen videos from behind the scenes of the show to continue the experience. Finally, note that, as part of the intergroup partnership between TF1, France Télévisions and M6, the episodes of The Voice are also made available on the subscription streaming platform Salto.

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