Flood in Florida: man discovers manatee in his front yard – panorama

From Franziska Schmock November 18, 2020 – 11:09 am

Wildlife in front gardens is a common phenomenon. But what if a manatee suddenly appears instead of a fox or deer due to flooding? A man from Florida has now experienced that.

Manatees are usually found near the coast.

Photo: AP / John Minchillo

Flagler Beach – After Tropical Storm Eta, an unusual visitor got lost in Florida in the residential area. The flood flooded the front gardens of the houses so badly that Matt Hathaway spotted a manatee in front of his porch.

Manatees are herbivorous mammals and, although the name suggests otherwise, related to elephants. They are mostly found near the coast, but can also occur in fresh water. They also get along well in shallow waters, which is probably why a flooded front garden was an option as a destination.

Hathaway saw the animal swim away again. However, it remained unclear whether the manatee found its way back into the open sea.


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