Floods: the province of Liège maintains its crisis unit

The governor of the province of Liège, Hervé Jamar, was interviewed live in RTL INFO 19H this Sunday. He notably announced that the provincial crisis management would be maintained until “what I think the municipalities can do to manage the problem, but for the moment there are too many problems everywhere, we must continue to keep a provincial crisis unit“.

Salima Belabbas: Two weeks after the floods, have we entered a new phase of crisis management?

Hervé Jamar: It is a reconversion of crisis management. The federal crisis having been lifted, the province of Liège maintained, following my suggestion and the consultation of all levels of power, the provincial crisis. To ensure coordination in terms of both waste management and everything we are still going through, because the situation remains very serious. And both to consider reconstruction, but also and primarily, the rehousing of people.

Salima Belabbas: Is there enough public housing to help everyone and enough resources implemented?

Hervé Jamar: There are two cells which were created at the level of the Walloon region. A unit which aims at reconstruction, infrastructure, all reorganization, waste clearance, pollution control. And then there is another cell, and that affects me personally too, for the rehousing of people. As I speak to you, we are talking about thousands of people, but I do not know how to tell you, because some people have not yet been able to reach their homes, and therefore they do not know what state it is in. And so, indeed, the building management authorities, with the province of Liège, the Walloon region, with the private sector, all the solidarity teams, we have moved towards a rehousing phase. We have just experienced 17 days of crisis. Dare I say 17 weeks or 17 months, because it is necessary to consider, in particular for families with children, a rehousing in the medium and long term.

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