Florent Ladeyn (Top Chef): his establishment hit by a fire in full service

This Sunday August 9 at around 4 p.m., a fire broke out The Auberge du Vert-Mont Boeschèpe, in the Flanders countryside. This restaurant is none other than that of Florent Ladeyn, the former finalist of Top chef. A blow for the genius of gastronomy, especially since a service was in progress. This morning, the daily The voice of the North reports that “according to the information gathered on the spot, the inn was closed to the public when the fire broke out but a private meal was being held there. A pan of oil would have been left on the fire.

In a post posted on Instagram, Florent Ladeyn said: “You may have read it already. There was fire at the inn. After a lot of emotions, fear, and thanks to the very rapid intervention of the firefighters of Boeschèpe and Flanders, the emergency was brought under control.“A reassuring message followed by a call for help.”I will not put any dramatic photos, I am not in the exhibition, you are not my therapists either, I will not tell you about the people present on site, the children, the teams, the fears, you are not there for that, just just one thing, please, we will need you, Lille, or here Boeschepe, as soon as possible. “, he continued.

A note of hope to conclude

The chef remains positive and hopes to reopen the doors of his establishment very soon. “We will keep you posted if you have a reservation this week but trust me, we will fight and do our best to accommodate you as quickly as possible.” before concluding, “2020 is definitely a hell of a year, but nothing will make us bend, because we know that we are going in the right direction, that we are part of a great dynamic, that you are and will be there.“.

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