Florian Silbereisen: She was the woman before Helene Fischer: This is his ex-girlfriend

Florian Silbereisen and Helene Fischer were a couple for ten years. We introduce you to the woman in front of Helene!

Florian Silbereisen (39) and Helene Fischer (36) haven’t been a couple for almost two years. For many fans, the separation of the Schlager dream couple at the end of 2018 was a huge shock. While Helene with her acrobat Thomas Seitel (35) is happily in a relationship, Florian is officially single.

But who was the woman before Helene? The 39-year-old had a partner with whom he was together for three years. The Dame was not at all unlike Helene. And she even had a connection to the hit world!

You can find out who Silbereisen’s pretty ex-girlfriend is and where they met in the video above!

Florian Silbereisen: “We were just too young for that”

Florian Silbereisen and his girlfriend at the time were even considered as a dream couple in the hit world, until they finally separated in 2006 after three years of relationship: “We are still in love, but we just couldn’t stand being together like a married couple anymorelive – too if the ideal folk music scene would have liked to see it. We were just too young for that, “Florian said at the time to the” Bild “newspaper.

Florian Silbereisen: is he cuddling with another pop singer now?

While Helene Fischer today with her Thomas is happy and enjoyed a break from show business, little is known about Florian’s love life since the separation from Helene. Silbereisen and Fischer parted peacefully and meanwhile maintain a friendly relationship. Even on stage, you could see the two of them together again and again after the love break.

But at the beginning of the year, the 39-year-old was discovered intimately with another pop singer on stage! Closely embraced, the two stood on stage at “The great Schlagerfest – the party of the year” and sang together. It looked like they’d had a great time together. And it was noticed: this lady even looks like Helene!

Check out the cuddly duo in the video below:

© Ronny Hartmann / Getty Images; Holger John / danapress; BUNTE.de

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Florian Silbereisen has changed a lot

Long, blonde Prince Charming hairstyle, traditional costume: This is what Flori looked like when he was fresh with his Helene. Somehow you always change in a relationship, right? It was a great transformation for the singer! Today he is more successful than ever, the audience is at his feet, because he shines as a real one All-round talent: actor, Showmaster, star singer. And also outwardly Florian made himself real, don’t you think so? You can watch his development in the video below:

So he has changed in the relationship with Helene Fischer

© Florian Seefried/Getty Images, imago images / Future Image; BUNTE.de


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