Florida COVID-19 Testing Center

Test results

The amount of time it takes to get the test results varies. For information about your test, contact the test center that ordered or took the test. See the lab’s patient portal list for contact information (updated February 23, 2021).

The Florida Department of Health and the COVID-19 Call Center cannot provide results, tell you exactly when or how you will get your results, or accelerate them.

If you test positive for COVID-19, see the guide for what to do while you are sick.

Were you exposed or did you test positive? Expect an official call from the COVID-19 contact trackers.

If you or someone has been in contact with positive cases of COVID-19, medical professionals will call you to help you identify the time interval in which you may have been infected and remember your close contacts at that time.

Answer calls from (833) 917-2880, (833) 443-5364, (850) 583-2419 or from county health departments to discuss possible COVID-19 exposure, with a contact tracker.

A contact tracker NEVER:

  • ask for the Social Security number
  • will ask for private financial information
  • will ask for credit card information
  • will send a link without proper authentication procedures

Click here to save the numbers to your contacts and never miss the call.

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