Florida: Fishing Trip Massacre – Victim called Father when he was dying

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Florida: Massaker am See in Frostproof

Damion Tillman (23), Keven Springfield (30) and Brandon Rollins (27) wanted to spend a relaxing fishing weekend together – at the end of the trip the friends are dead. The young men were beaten up and shot on their outing. While still in agony, one of the victims, Brandon Rollins, was able to call his father. But all help came too late. In the video, the trusting father talks about his painful loss.

Brandon’s father hurried to the scene of the accident

The attackers apparently thought Brandon Rollins was already dead and, after their brutal attack, left the scene. But Rollins was still dying and dialed his father’s number with his last strength. He immediately hurried to the scene of the crime: When he arrived, his son was fighting for his life, the other two friends were already dead. “When I arrived, I immediately looked after my son. It was pure chaos,” explains Cyril Rollins tearfully an interview. “I found my son, I held him there, he told me what had happened, but I was too shocked.”

After his son’s call, Cyril Rollins immediately drove to the fishing spot about ten minutes away, but in the hustle and bustle, according to US media reports, he left his cell phone at home. To get help, he quickly drove to a nearby grocery store, where he informed the authorities. But when these arrived, his son was also dead.

What did Brandon tell his father just before he died?

Investigators have yet to disclose what information Brandon Rollins shared with his father shortly before his death. However, they assume that the victim and the perpetrator knew each other. At the moment, it is also suspected that one of the victims first came to the scene alone, was ambushed – and was surprised by the two other later victims. Further details should not be released to the public in order not to hinder the work of the police.

In the video: Brandon’s mother demands justice



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