Florida inaugurated the first sign language mural in the country

With the presence of departmental authorities and the Florida Deaf Community, the mural displaying the sign language alphabet located in the main access to the city of Florida was inaugurated. It is a work done by the visual artist and muralist from Florida Jorge Romero.

The mayor of Florida Andrea Brugman, the general director of Social Development Alicia Oriozabala, the head of the Inclusion Area Cecilia Serena, members of the Florida Deaf Community, representatives of institutions and organizations involved in learning the language of signs, along with other departmental and local authorities.

Mayor Brugman expressed satisfaction that Florida is a pioneer in this type of artistic expression that involves social inclusion issues in this case towards deaf people. In this sense, he pointed out the importance of the place where the sign alphabet was recorded, indicating that, as an open department, Florida is committed and invites all those who enter the city to know a new form of communication.

He also made reference to the sign language courses that are being carried out by the Institute of Municipal Studies for officials of the Intendance and the Departmental Board. He also reiterated the intention to give impetus to this type of initiative that will allow the Departmental Government to reach an important sector of society in the short and medium term.

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