Florida increases requirements to issue driver’s license

In statements to Telemundo 51, the lawyer of Immigration Eduardo Soto said that under the new requirements, “the person must present an I-94, which is called an arrival and departure card, which was given to one when arriving by plane to this country.”

According to Soto, “therein lies the problem in that the majority of the migrants in the deportation process did not legally enter the country.”

According to the lawyer, the new regulations of the Department of Highway Safety of Florida (FLHSMV) makes the process more complex if it is taken into account that from next August 25 “the person who entered illegally will be denied his work permit.”

Therefore, he stated “many people will not have their license.”

The change also affects a group of Cuban migrants who were on the United States border with Mexico, waiting for their asylum interviews, which were suspended due to the coronavirus crisis.

According to Soto, many “have desperately jumped the border. They did not want to continue waiting for their hearings and they are here, totally undocumented. ”

The FLHSMV measure produced the reaction of the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), whose directive Ana Lamb said that this “has been without prior notice because we have had people in the community who have gone to apply for the license and they have been told not”.

“We know that people are educated in traffic laws, and also, the economic benefit, because they can travel, buy, mobilize the economy,” Lamb explained to Telemundo 51.


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