Florida: No insemination when hot

No state in the US has more sunny days than Florida. The rising temperatures lead to restrictions for milk producers.

According to the “Elite Magazine”, the sun shines online in Florida for over 300 days on average. It is foreseeable that it will be even hotter. For example, meteorologists have calculated that in Central Florida the temperatures will rise to over 37 ° C over 123 days from 2036.

From the year 2070, the heat period should extend over 155 days. Milk producers already have to “cool down” their cows with enormous technical effort. Even at the end of January, the fans in the cowshed are running continuously. From April, the animals will also be watered. From the end of April, insemination stops, because the animals no longer become pregnant in the heat. The animals’ immune systems are too busy with the heat.

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