Florida: Residents in Mar-a-Lago defend themselves against Trump’s move

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Local residents oppose Trump moving into Florida golf resort

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Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump is an avid golfer and has indicated that he will be retiring to his Florida golf resort

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In January, US President Donald Trump is expected to hand over office to his successor. US media are now reporting that Florida residents want to prevent Trump from moving permanently into his golf resort in Mar-a-Lago. Even the secret service is said to have been involved.

Dafter the end of his term in office he could move into his club resort Mar-a-Lago in Florida permanently. According to the US media, however, the residents of the Palm Beach property are apparently opposed to this. Trump must be advised that Mar-a-Lago could not serve as his residence, demanded lawyer Reginald Stambaugh in a letter to the Mayor and City Council of Palm Beach on Tuesday, as the “Washington Post“Reported.

A copy of the letter was also sent to the Secret Service. The local “Palm Beach Post” and the “New York Times“Confirmed the report. Initially, neither the lawyer nor the mayor’s office responded to inquiries.

According to the neighbors, Trump has no longer had the right to live in the property permanently since an agreement concluded in 1993. The agreement was concluded before Trump converted Mar-a-Lago from his private residence into a club, reported the Washington Post. Among other things, it was stated that club members can spend a maximum of three times a year on the property for up to a week.

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A Trump attorney had reassured the city council in the course of the agreement that Trump would not live in Mar-a-Lago, the Washington Post said. “Palm Beach has many beautiful properties for sale, and he can certainly find one that suits his needs,” quoted the New York Times as quoting the Stambaugh letter.

“I would go to Florida and take it easy”

Trump is expected to move to Mar-a-Lago after his presidency ends on January 20. Trump had relocated his primary residence from New York to Palm Beach a little over a year ago and registered the golf club resort as his future permanent residence. Previously this was the Trump Tower in Manhattan.

Since Trump has still not admitted his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden, he has only made hypothetical comments about the post-White House period. “If I lost, I would say I lost and I would go to Florida and take it easy and I would go around and say that I did a good job,” Trump said at an appearance in early December.


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