Florida: situation of beneficiaries of solidarity wages yielded “alarming” data – 06/28/2021

Last Tuesday, June 15, the first fortnight was fulfilled for most of the departments within the framework of the Labor Opportunity program, popularly known as “Solidarity Days”, Thanks to which 15,000 people were selected to carry out tasks assigned by the different municipalities of the country.

The quotas drawn in each department were divided by fortnights. Typically, half of those elected started on June 1, while the other started on June 16.

In the case of Florida, the data collected in the selection process of these workers yielded information that the departmental authorities classify as “alarming”. These are data specifically related to the health of the citizens who signed up to participate in the program.

As a result of a characterization of the profile of the beneficiaries that was made, it was learned that 58% do not have a health card up to date and that 60% of the women who participate today in the program never had a Pap (PAP).

With this information on the table, the city hall set itself the objective of establishing social programs to reverse these situations.
María Jesús Falero, coordinator at the Technical Employment Center of the Intendancy of Florida, he told El País that the data surprised and that measures are already being taken to try to reverse the situation.

Solidarity days in Florida.  Photo: Florida Mayor
Solidarity days in Florida. Photo: Florida Mayor

But not only to attend to specific cases that involve health, but going further. “A diagnosis was made in order to generate an indicator system that allows us to plan the strategies to be developed, knowing what the problems are, which, in reality, is a sample of the real population that we have in the department” , he pointed.

Thus, he gave as an example that another of the problems that became evident was the large number of neighbors who did not have a primary education: “It is a complex issue, many do not know how to read and write. These are things of concern and we are designing some strategies in that sense to address the situation ”.

The departmental authorities then work from several areas: training, facilitating access to medical studies such as the PAP, dental check-ups, processing the health card, etc.

Who were selected for the “Solidarity wages”They work from Monday to Friday and on Saturdays they have access to training: a multidisciplinary team made up, for example, of a psychologist and a teacher is in charge of providing support in various aspects. In these instances, work is done to promote the rights that citizens have in general, taking into account that they serve people who arrive with different problems.

“We are seeing, from these data that emerge, what measures to implement so that the beneficiaries of job opportunities at the end of these six months, at least, have the health and vaccination card up to date. In addition, we evaluate the generation of a dental service and offer the respective analyzes, such as PAP or whatever is considered relevant, be it monitoring or follow-up, ”Florida Mayor Guillermo López told the press.

Falero pointed out that we are working on promoting users’ self-care, but from a broad perspective: “We are interested that all this has a social component, not only that they work and have an income, but that the program leaves them something else. For that in what is health, they have already coordinated with them to carry out studies, etc., but we are also making them aware of the importance of these things so that they can replicate it in their networks ”.


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