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Folk music singer , popularly known as the ‘‘she underwent some beauty treatments in order to lose herself 15 years younger, and the procedure, as well as the result, was shown on the program’ Al Sexto Día ‘.

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In images shown by the entertainment space, which is broadcast by Panamericana TV, it is observed how the national artist decided to accept some aesthetic changes.

“Today we are going to make you a rejuvenation treatment to make you feel better. We have to lift the cheekbones a little, here I am going to put some sensor threads, a little botulinum toxin to lift and open the gaze and we are going to refresh the face with hyaluronic acid “said a beauty specialist.

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After completing the beauty procedure, the ‘Huaraz flower‘He looked at himself in the mirror and said he didn’t recognize himself.

This is me? I hardly even recognize myself. All my cheeks have been lifted from what was fallen. I’m going to laugh. I’m happy, now he says that he will improve my skin “, he claimed.

Thats not all. The singer also underwent a total makeover. Upon finishing with a new hairstyle and outfit, he maintained that I was looking for a partner. This after his accusation of infidelity to his ex-husband, the ‘Gringo Karl’.



Flor de Huaraz to Magaly Medina: “She is used to humiliating”


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