‘Flying Doctors’, specializing in overseas patient transport, completes domestic transport of critically ill patients in Singapore

Flying Doctors, a company specializing in overseas patient transport, announced that it has completed transporting a patient in severe condition due to an acute side effect during cancer treatment in Singapore.

The Flying Doctors medical team decided to transport the patient using the general aviation stretcher service after determining the patient’s condition based on local medical records and the opinion of the attending physician. Stretcher is a method of transporting the patient by removing the general seat of the airline and securing a seat for the patient’s transfer bed. It is cheaper than an air ambulance, but has limited oxygen consumption and requires prior approval from the medical team of civil aviation.

Flying Doctors Medical Team’s emergency medicine specialists and first-aid paramedics checked the patient’s condition after moving from Korea to Singapore the day before the transfer. In addition, the medical team confirmed to the Singapore medical staff the necessary medications and precautions for the patient during transport. The medical team replaced the patient’s medical equipment for mobile use three hours before boarding the aircraft, checked the patient’s stable condition, and took care of the patient during the entire transfer process, completing the safe transfer to a Korean hospital.

A Flying Doctors official said, “We were able to transport patients to Korea well with the help of related institutions and check the patient’s condition. plan,” he said.

Meanwhile, Flying Doctors established ‘Jet Prime Air’, the first air ambulance specialized airline in Korea, and introduced air ambulance-only aircraft. The Air Ambulance aircraft directly transported an Australian national from Cebu, Philippines to Perth, Australia in April, and transported a seriously injured patient staying in Jakarta, Indonesia to Korea in May.

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