FM4 Frequency Festival 2022: All the information you need

It’s finally starting again: From August 17th to 20th, 2022, the FM4 Frequency Festival will take place again in all it’s glory in the Green Park St. Pölten. All important information about arrival, campsite and line-up can be found here.

It has been clear for a few weeks: The FM4 Frequency Festival 2022 is sold out. No wonder, too, the last festival summers went by sadly without it.

The FM4 Frequency Festival has been taking place in St. Pölten since 2009 (previously on the legendary Salzburg Ring), this time from August 17th to 20th. The first day of the festival, Wednesday, is affectionately referred to as the “PreQuency”: for all those who can’t wait any longer, a stage will be opened on this first day. Also included YUGO and That is Preiss.


The line-up of past editions of FM4 Frequency has always diversified a bit more in terms of genres, The team will continue to do so in 2022.

From German rap superstar RAF Camora (& Bonez MC) let’s hop over there to the still sexiest Austrian band alive Picture bookwe can cry to the concert of Annenmaykanreit wipe out of the corner of your eye and at that Lewis Capaldi don’t even try. G-Eazy, The Hurn, Symba, Channel Tres and Cypress Hill define what you can currently hear about hip hop across the board, and Glass Animals take the British “Heatwave” with them to St. Pölten. Then there would still be very good newcomer acts to discover (Baby Queen, Oliver Malcolm, Nova Twins), which we will recommend to you at this point.

The motto this year is again: four days awake. Anyone who has only set up their tent for appearances will be im Night Park become very happy.

When and how are you coming?

The festival begins with the “PreQuency” on Wednesday 17th August. The regular festival days, when all stages are played, are Wednesday 18th, Thursday 19th and Saturday 20th August.

The festival site is located directly on the Traisen (a river! Don’t forget your bathing suit!) and is very good, easy and quick to reach by public transport. From the St. Pölten train station you get on the shuttle bus that will take you directly to the festival site. The ticket for this shuttle bus costs 8 euros once. You can go back and forth with it as often as you want.

Also the arriving by car is possible: The festival site can be reached via the Westautobahn A1, exit St. Pölten Süd or the S33 St. Pölten Ost. However, the parking spaces can be quite tight and the footpaths can be longer. Here you can find more FAQs and their answers getting there.

Depending on whether youEarly Camping“-Ticket, you can already pitch your tents on Tuesday, August 16th or Wednesday, August 17th. Otherwise this is of course also possible on the following days of the festival.

FM4 beim Frequency

That FM4 Team is on site on all four days of the festival and reports in detail on air, online and on the FM4 social media channels about the festival and everything that goes on around it. Who is the best live band? Is there still toilet paper? It is hot? It’s cold? We will keep you up to date.

Our big live broadcast with interviews and live songs of the performing acts, your stories and so on can be heard on Saturday, August 20th from 1pm to 5pm on Radio FM4. Moderated by Christoph Sepin.

Of course there is another one FM4 Stand with the best FM4 Merch (stickers, posters, etc.), the FM4 Tattoo Station and the FM4 Boom Boxwhich has already greeted you at the main entrance as a welcome service on the festival grounds in recent years.

Pauline Binder

Also this year the FM4 Green-Screen-Fotoecke. There you can have your picture taken in front of beautiful, ugly, funny backgrounds of your choice. The photo is then immediately available to take home. Or you want to tell your parents, uncles, aunts and grandmothers that you are doing well – then just get on with it FM4 post office.

Green Festival

The FM4 Frequency Festival is once again trying to keep the mountains of rubbish that accumulate at such a huge event small. The so-called Green Team consists of people who therefore not only attend concerts, but also walk around the premises to collect discarded items. Of course, the Green Team counts on the support of all festival visitors. There is also a dedicated “Green Camping” area and the possibility of a tent to rent for a fee.


Like many festivals, FM4 Frequency is also opting for the payment option this year „Cashless“. The whole thing works like a digital wallet: You create an account via the festival website, which you can then use to top up credit in connection with your festival ticket. There is a chip on your festival wristband, which you then only have to hold under the screen when buying drinks, food or merch. And debited. If there is a remainder on your account after the end of the festival, it will be transferred back to you.

We are ready and looking forward to the FM4 Frequency Festival 2022 with you!

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