FNV: time to test everyone in the slaughter industry for corona

All people working in the slaughter industry must be tested for the corona virus. That says union FNV following the corona outbreak at a meat processing company in Helmond.

In a sample, 21 of the 130 employees tested at Van Rooi Meat were found to be infected with the virus. The security region then decided to close the factory until Tuesday. An outbreak was also previously reported at a Vion slaughterhouse in Groenlo.

“Each sample yields cases,” said FNV director John Klijn. “So there is no reason to believe it is better with other companies in the industry.”

The Central Association for the Meat Industry (COV) previously said that slaughterhouse staff should be given priority to be tested for the corona virus.

With similar outbreaks in slaughterhouses in the US, Germany and France in mind, Klijn believes it is wise to have everyone tested. “In Groenlo, people in the office were also infected, so we can learn lessons from that.”

Minister: it is up to the GGDs

When asked whether not all employees in the meat processing industry should be tested, Minister Schouten replied that she and her colleague De Jonge have already submitted that request to the GGDs.

“It is up to the GGDs to determine whether they will do the same. Of course they also have other groups that they want to test. But the best safeguard against contamination is to observe the rules of the RIVM”, Schouten said. before the start of the Council of Ministers.

The GGDs are still in talks with the minister about the request, responds umbrella organization GGD-GHOR. A possible outcome is that indeed everyone in this industry is being tested, but that is still too early to say.

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