Focal and Naim Launch New Streaming Combination: Focal Aria K2 926 Speaker + Naim Uniti Star Streaming Player|Audio Info

The legendary audio brand Focal and Naim have teamed up again for a new playback combination: The new playback combination is composed of Focal Aria K2 926 floor speakers and Naim Uniti Star streaming player, which supports streaming music, is compatible with Tidal and Spotify playback, and can be used for CD playback at the same time and backup, supports Apple AirPlay 2, Chromecast and Bluetooth connectivity. In terms of speakers, Focal’s K2 upgraded sandwich cone unit is used, with a 25mm inverted dome tweeter, 16.5mm midrange and dual 16.5mm woofers, and a pair of 4-meter Naim NAC A5 speaker cables are included! The official price is 6799 pounds, which translates to about $67,000, which is actually quite reasonable for a hall brand!


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