Focus on DLive, the popular Twitch alternative to Donald Trump supporters

« Hang all members of Congress! », « Destroy the window! “. These comments and many more equally violent were posted during the live of streamer Tim Gionet who covered live his participation in the intrusion of the Capitol on January 6. This live took place on a platform little known to the general public: DLive.

While web giants like Facebook quickly deleted the videos promoting the event, these broadcasts went off without a hitch on the live streaming site. As indicated Wired, channels bringing together hundreds of spectators showed the events. In all, 140,000 viewers watched the Capitol events stream.

Faced with drifts, DLive forced to react

DLive was created in 2017 by Charles Wayn. The initial idea is to make it a competitor to Twitch and in fact by going to the platform, we note that video games still occupy a good part of the broadcasts. Besides, the PewDiePie streamer joined the site for a brief period in 2019. However, far-right users banned by the web giants have decided to join this decentralized blockchain-based network.

What seems to appeal to these newcomers is the lack of serious moderation. They also like that they can collect donations quite easily. So, the Hatewatch blog, who scrutinizes hate speech on the Internet, observes that “ DLive has paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to extremists since its inception, largely through donations of cryptocurrency built into a service provided by the site. ».

However, this tolerance has limits and following the events of January 6, pressure increased on DLive. The head of the community explained: “ I want to make it very clear that DLive does not tolerate any illegal activity. Peaceful demonstrations? Good. Report on events? Good. But if you or your channel is involved in any illegal activity, your channel will be taken offline. ».

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A little later, the company announced the implementation of new reporting tools to denounce abuses. She also decided to suspend seven channels which broadcast images of this violent gathering. The company also promises to reimburse donations made after January 6.


Par : Twitch Interactive, Inc

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