Focus on investing well in the Bank of Communications Schroder Fund and win another five Taurus awards

Golden Autumn September, public offeringfundThe industry has also ushered in a bright moment. The results of the 18th China Fund Industry “Golden Bull Award” were announced a few days ago.

Always adhering to the “focus on investment”Bank of Communications Schroder FundIn this selection, they won five “Golden Bull Awards” at the same time, including the “Golden Bull Fund Management Company” award and four individual Golden Bull product awards, covering three-year, five-year, and seven-year awards.

Won 6 times and won the “Taurus Fund Management Company” for the 3rd consecutive time

In the newly announced 2020 Golden Bull Fund Industry Awards,BOCOM Schroder Fund once again won the “Taurus Fund Management Company” award. This is the sixth time that Bank of Communications Schroder Fund has won the award, and it is also the third consecutive time that it has won the award.(Awarded years: 2008, 2012, 2013, 2018, 2019, 2020)

In addition, 4 other products of the Bank of Communications Schroder Fund won the Golden Bull product award this time. They are:

  Advantageous industries of Bank of Communications: Seven-year open endHybridContinue to win Taurus Fund

  BOCOM Double Interest Balance: A seven-year open-ended hybrid continued to win the Golden Bull Fund

  New growth of Bank of Communications: Five-year open-end hybrid continued to win the Golden Bull Fund

  Bank of Communications Pharmaceutical Innovation: Three-year open-end stocks continue to win the Golden Bull Fund

So far, since the establishment of Bank of Communications Schroder 16 years ago, its fund products have won 28 Taurus product individual awards.

Observation found that the winning industry of Bank of Communications has won 6 times in a row, Bank of Communications New Growth 4 times in a row, and Bank of Communications Double Interest Balance won 3 times in a row.Hybrid fundGolden Bull Award. (BOC’s advantageous industry awards were awarded in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020; the new growth awards of Bank of Communications were awarded in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020; (Interest balance award time is 2018, 2019, 2020)

The Fund Industry Golden Bull Award is known as the “Oscar Award” in the public fund industry. The Bank of Communications Schroder Fund has repeatedly won the Golden Bull Award for the best recognition of its investment management capabilities and institutional brand image.PerformanceContinuous affirmation. No matter how the market environment changes, Bank of Communications Schroder Fund will never give up the pursuit of long-term performance stability, avoid chasing highs and killing down, make money within the scope of recognition, and control risks more strictly, and do not blindly take risks. Attach importance to providing holders with a good investment experience.

Bank of Communications Schroder “Team”

So, what exactly is the Bank of Communications Schroder Fund?fund company? Where does the support behind the frequent capture of cattle come from?

To know a fund company, the best observation point should be its investment research team.

The Bank of Communications Schroder Fund has formed a situation where elites gather in active equity investment. The company’s equity team focuses on active investment capabilities, and the active management capabilities of stock investment rank among the top in the industry. Especially in the long-term performance appraisal, Bank of Communications Schroder Fund’s stock investment active management rate of return ranks in the forefront of the industry. The active stock management rate of return in the past five years is as high as 168.35%, ranking 3/82 in the industry; in the past seven years, it is 384.22. %, ranking 6/70. (Data from Galaxy Securities, time as of 2021.6.30)

Behind this achievement, there is an equity team that adheres to the core competence circle, but actively expands the investment direction, and is supported by a variety of styles. Most equity fund managers of the Bank of Communications Schroder Fund come from internal training. In recent years, its outstanding active equity funds have shown the style and tonality of “preferential growth, re-selection of stocks, low turnover, and controlled withdrawal”. This style of tone can still find a clear mark on the new generation of internal fund managers. New stars such as Guo Fei, Lou Huiyuan, Liu Peng, Tian Yulong, Yang Jinjin, Feng Qing, etc. are constantly emerging in the team, which shine as representatives of the Mesozoic era of Bank of Communications.

Take Lou Huiyuan, the current fund manager of Bank of Communications Pharmaceutical Innovation, who won the “three-year open-ended stock-type sustainable golden bull fund” this time, as an example. She insists on taking medicine as the core competence circle, paying attention to the evolution of the industry, and is committed to sharing the growth of individual stocks. The best stage. When introducing her investment philosophy, Lou Huiyuan said, “The long-term return of the stock market mainly comes from the continuous performance growth of high-quality companies.” This is precisely her investment concept based on industry and company logic.

Focus on making good investments

Behind an investment team with outstanding combat effectiveness, there must be a deep team culture and a solid institutional guarantee.

The abundance of investment and research talents is related to the development path of BOCOM Schroder Fund’s long-term improvement of the investment research system and building an excellent investment team. The company takes “focus on investment” as its core driving force, adheres to the belief that “the boundary of finance is a virtue”, adheres to value investment, long-term investment and responsible investment, and continuously broadens the boundaries of its own capabilities.

The company’s investment and research team’s endogenous force continues to be strong, hoping to make investments that do not follow the crowd, maintain independent thinking, adhere to their own style and not drift, and believe that even if they do not chase hot spots, they can also create good excess returns for customers; such independent thinking, Need to be self-driven and do our best; the investment and research team of Bank of Communications Schroder Fund, persist in diligenceResearch, Actively explore, continuously improve research methods and investment frameworks, fear the market and dare to accept challenges; based on this concept, in the entire organization and team, BOCOM Schroder Fund has built a dynamic learning organization within the organization. Respect individuality, encourage the coexistence of different investment styles, complement each other’s strengths, openness and tolerance, and high trust among investment researchers.

Under the accumulation of such a team culture, the excellence of the equity products of BOCOM Schroder is not one or two products “outstanding”, but a group of good products “flower clusters”. A group of outstanding fund managers have emerged one after another, although their respective investment fields There are differences, but the overall performance is relatively good.

An inclusive and progressive team will create stronger and more lasting performance.

The road is hindered and long, and the line is approaching, and the line does not stop, and the future can be expected.

Note: The ranking of stock investment active management yield comes from Galaxy Securities. Calculation method: the arithmetic average of the net growth rate of active stocks managed by the fund management company during the period of the fund; as of 2021.6.30. The awarding institution of the Golden Bull Award: China Securities Journal, and the award years were 2008, 2012, 2013, 2018, 2019, and 2020. For specific awards and award time, please refer to the China Association of Fund Industry-Fund Evaluation Business column (URL link The evaluation results issued by qualified rating evaluation agencies are not for future performance The forecast is not regarded as a recommendation for investment funds.)

Risk Warning: The fund has risks, and investment needs to be cautious. For other risk disclosures, please refer to the risk disclosure section of the prospectus.

The fund manager promises to manage and use fund assets in accordance with the principles of honesty, credibility, diligence and due diligence, but does not guarantee that the fund will be profitable, nor does it guarantee the minimum return. The development time of my country’s securities market is relatively short and cannot reflect all stages of market development. The past performance of the fund does not indicate its future performance. The performance of other funds managed by the fund manager does not constitute a guarantee for the performance of the fund. The fund invests in the securities market,Fund net worthFluctuations will occur due to factors such as fluctuations in the securities market. Before investing in this fund, investors need to fully understand the risk-return characteristics and product characteristics of the fund’s products, fully consider their own risk tolerance, independently judge the investment value of the fund, rationally judge the market, and their willingness, timing, and opportunity to invest in the fund Independent decision-making on investment behavior such as quantity. Investors enjoy the income of the fund based on the shares they hold, but at the same time they need to bear the corresponding investment risks. Investment involves risks. Investors are kindly requested to carefully read the relevant legal documents of the fund and pay attention to the unique risks of the fund, and choose investment products that suit their own risk tolerance for investment.

(Source: China Securities Journal)

(Original title: Focus on investing well, Bank of Communications Schroder Fund won another five Golden Bull Awards)

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