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“Individual poaching is over”, assures Olivier Véran

Guest of the France Inter morning show this morning, the minister responsible for democratic renewal and government spokesperson spoke about the reshuffle. “Do you think that, because you’re going to catch an eco-friendly deputy or a communist deputy or a Les Républicains deputy, all of a sudden the group around him will say to himself ‘it’s great, he took the friend, we are going to come and work with the government”? No. They will immediately ostracize the MP in question and you will have a war prize”most “It will have no impact, neither on the policy conducted nor on the framework of the majority”developed Mr. Véran.

If the oppositions responded “pretty no” to the idea of ​​a coalition, they said ” rather yes “ thinking of working “text by text”he added, hoping “a group of parliamentarians from the opposition who vote with” the presidential majority.

Emmanuel Macron had, in the preamble to the first council of ministers of the new government, on Monday, deplored the refusal of “government parties” to participate in “any form of coalition”.

Olivier Véran also underlined that Elisabeth Borne’s general policy speech on Wednesday in Parliament would be “the real introduction to the quinquennium (…) since it is the announcement of the policy that we want to lead, of the reforms that we want to lead”. He defended the choice of Mme Terminal not to finally ask a vote of confidence to parliamentarians.

The “useful trust” is “generally requested later, by showing that we are capable, with the majority we have, in construction and in co-construction with the oppositions, of having laws passed in Parliament”he insisted.

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