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At Gare de Lyon, strikers show their determination

Gathered for their 43rd general assembly, the railway workers of the Gare de Lyon seemed to be in the minority Thursday morning in their own GA, as this place, a paved courtyard set back from the platforms, and this moment of speaking around the fire became, before each event, an essential place of convergence for all strikers in the district, and beyond. We even came across farmers from the Conféderation paysanne this morning from the French overseas departments and territories.

“Overseas our pensions are even lower, for a higher cost of living than in France,” denounced Alexandre Terne, market gardener in Martinique. We are fighting not to have banana republic pensions. “

At the opening of the GA, the drop in rates of strikers at the SNCF as at the RATP, and the resumption of part of the traffic was in everyone’s mind.

“We are still 56% on the D / R line! You are the pride of this country, my pride! launched the Sud-Rail delegate Fabien Villedieu at the microphone. Today we are looked at by all trades, we are a model and even if we ask ourselves questions every day, we have to hold on and we will hold on! (…) So yes, the mobilization did not take the form of a large, renewable general strike that we would have liked, as in 68, but there is not a day when there is not a action by dockers, teachers, teachers, lawyers, doctors! There is a generalization of mobilization and that is a fact! And the support of the opinion which does not weaken, that is a fact! And is there determination among the strikers? [La foule hurle « oui »] that’s a fact! It is not the government that will teach us what determination is, this case, it is not folded, we can still win! ”

He is applauded. In the crowd, we recognize a number of faces, of those who this week occupied the incinerator of Ivry-sur-Seine or the rectorate of Paris. And also LFI deputy Eric Coquerel. “We are not alone in this strike”, added Berenger Cernon, CGT, who still railed last week over the lack of reinforcements. We can win because we are mobilized, as long as there is mobilization, we will be the opposition, we will bend the government! ”

LFI deputy Eric Coquerel at the Gare de Lyon, January 16. JULIEN MUGUET FOR “THE WORLD”

Among those who spoke, a young railroad worker read a text for the French:

“On the 43rd day of conflict, we need you more than ever (…) Democracy and our living conditions are in great danger. The railway workers and their RATP colleagues cannot lead the fight alone (…) There is an emergency ”.

While the strike was renewed by majority on Monday, with several abstentions after the UNSA proposed a highlight strike, the strike was unanimously renewed this time.


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