Follow the trend and test DNA!Husband’s face is green, “11-year-old is someone else’s seed” She is even more dumbfounded: the combination is wrong

The child is not his kind, it turned out to be a big package from the clinic. (Diagram/PAKUTASO)

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A couple in Utah, USA, found the DNA test kits popular in recent years very interesting. They followed suit and made DNA. Unexpected results came out and the whole family was ruined, because the youngest son’s blood relationship did not match his father, but it was not his wife who was cheating. The couple learned later that it turned out that the clinic gave out a large package when they were doing IVF.

According to a report by the American TV station “ABC4”, Donna and Vanner learned that they could not conceive naturally and gave birth to a second child. They started doing IVF in 2007 and finally gave birth to their youngest son. A family of 4 lives happily. happy. In recent years, they followed suit and bought DNA kits to play with. As a result, a month later, it gave the whole family a nightmare.

DNA results show that the father of the youngest son is not Fanner. Fanner said, “When I saw that there was only mother on the page, but the father column showed that the father is unknown, I was silly on the spot. What does it mean that the father is unknown? I am his father.” They guessed during the test tube baby. So I went back to the clinic and finally confirmed that the egg had combined with someone else’s sperm.

Fanner said, “We have to overcome a lot of emotions, including the possibility of separating from our son. I kept thinking, how did this happen? Why did it happen? What should we do now?” After more than a year, they had Courage to tell the truth to his 12-year-old son.

That day the couple drove their youngest son to eat ice cream, Vanner suddenly said, “Actually, I am not your biological father.” The youngest son was very surprised, “Really?” In all the conversations that day, I just remember to tell my youngest son that whether it is his father or not, he still loves him.

After a long search, they found the youngest son’s biological father, Devin McNeil, made 3 phone calls, and finally contacted each other and completed their acquaintance. At present, both families have filed lawsuits against the clinic. Devin also reminds everyone with his own example that if you plan to undergo IVF, you should be aware of, be vigilant, ask questions and conduct research, otherwise things like theirs may happen.


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