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This Consultation Committee is dedicated to the “long-term” strategy for the fight against the coronavirus. The Baromère corona, which is not unanimous as it was presented, is the main point on the agenda of this new meeting between the federal government and the minister-presidents of the federated entities.

This Friday, attention should therefore be focused on public events, organized events that bring together the public (sport, youth activities, etc.), Horeca or even cultural places. The abandonment of fixed gauges in favor of a proportional approach is also planned. Education will not be affected.

In addition to this barometer, several sectors are waiting for Codeco to relax health measures: sport, mainly gambling. These relaxations are not guaranteed, given the still high number of contaminations.

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➜ 2:53 p.m .: Thanks to vaccination, less than 1% of cases lead to hospitalization: “It is very clear that the vaccine protects and that the booster is essential”, indicated Yves Van Laethem at a press conference. Here is what was said.

➜ 2:45 p.m.: the corona barometer which tenses people’s minds and has delayed Codeco: catering, sport, events, this is what it should look like

➜2:40 p.m.: That’s it, the Codeco initially scheduled for 1 p.m. has finally started almost 2 hours late. In question ? The corona barometer which is at the center of today’s discussions. we’ll explaine everything here.

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