Following a fight in the Carré in Liège, and gunshots heard on the boulevard, the police discover several weapons in a car

Early Sunday morning, three individuals well known to the judicial authorities were deprived of their liberty in Liège. Indeed, the suspects had, a little earlier in the night, been involved in a fight which occurred in the Carré. Later, gunshots were heard around Boulevard d’Avroy. Facts which therefore led to the arrest of the three suspects.

Investigation duties were carried out as well as a search of the suspects’ homes and several cars. Actions that led to the discovery, in cars, of several weapons. There was talk of telescopic batons, pepper spray and a loaded but not chambered firearm.

Note that the link between the people arrested and the shots has not yet been established.

The suspects, who were all born around the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s, were therefore deprived of their liberty and brought to the Liège public prosecutor’s office on Monday.

It should be noted that these arrests made it possible to link the suspects to other facts already under investigation.

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