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Following AMD’s plan to push RX6000 graphics card, NVIDIA will release RTX 3050 tomorrow

NVIDIA expects to launch the entry-level independent graphics card RTX 3050 in Q2 of 2022. (Picture/Retrieved from NVIDIA)

[周刊王CTWANT] Foreign media reported that AMD expects to launch mid-range RX 6400 and RX 6500XT entry-level graphics cards in Q1 of 2022. Another major manufacturer NVIDIA may also launch RTX 3050 stand-alone mid-range graphics cards in the summer, with performance between GTX 1660 S and RTX. Between 3060.

Different from the RTX 3050 on laptops, the foreign media “Wccftech” reported that NVIDIA expects to launch the RTX 3050 discrete graphics card in Q2 of 2022. Although it is the most entry-level model of the RTX 30 series, its performance is still better than that of AMD’s equivalent graphics cards. Be strong.

According to the currently released specifications, the RTX 3050 discrete graphics card is equipped with 24 SM units, 3072 CUDA cores, and the graphics card may have 8GB or 4GB GDDR6 video memory, and the power consumption is 90W.

In terms of specifications, the performance of RTX 3050 is between GTX 1660 Super and RTX 3060, which is slightly weaker than RTX 2060 6GB, but it is priced at about US$209 (about NT$5,850), compared to AMD’s expected launch in Q1 in 2022. The RX 6400 and RX 6500XT, priced at US$200 to US$250 (approximately NT$5,600 to 7,000), have a better advantage.

However, it should be noted that the graphics card market may no longer be a dichotomy from next year. The CPU manufacturer Intel is expected to release the Xe HPG micro-architecture independent graphics card in Q1 of 2022, and name the series with ARC as the brand. All walks of life are paying attention to its pricing strategy. Does it affect the current graphics card market?

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