Fomento charges against the proposed law regulating rents: it is unconstitutional and anti-statutory

Work promotionl has charged against the bill to regulate the rental price, included in the agenda of the plenary session of the Parliament on 9 September, and has called it “unconstitutional and anti-statutory”. According to the Catalan employers, the bill violates the Constitution and the Statute in 18 points of its articles and is a measure that will “sink” the rental market in the medium term with more counterproductive effects than benefits. “The current rental market is not enough and, therefore, it is necessary to expand especially the supply of affordable housing, the great abandoned since the crisis of 2008,” said Foment del Treball, which has not been shown at all in favor of limiting the price of rents in Catalonia.

“Price constraints will make the offer smaller, make potential tenants dissatisfied and therefore harm people who want or can only rent,” said the employer led by Josep Sánchez-Llibre. “We must not forget that a significant part of the rental housing in our country corresponds to individuals who will thus be affected by the rent of their property,” Foment also recalled. “In many of these cases, they may want to liquidate their investment with the sale of real estate,” said the Catalan employer.

“Not everything is worth it, nor do the purposes justify the means”

“The bill harms both landlords and tenants. The real estate of Catalans will reduce its value,” insisted Foment, who denounces the “inaction” of certain political forces to avoid harming the private rental housing stock. “Not everything is worth it, nor do the ends justify the means. Democracy and the rule of law go hand in hand,” said the Catalan employer. In fact, Fomento has detailed in a statement the series of articles and sections of the Constitution and Statute that violate the bill to regulate rents.

The employer recovers the unanimous opinion of the Council of Statutory Guarantees, which concludes the bill affects the bases of contractual obligations – which are the responsibility of the State through Article 149.1.8 of the Constitution – and does not find is covered by four specific articles of the Statute of Autonomy of Catalonia of 2006. “A total of 11 articles out of the 15 of the proposal and 4 additional provisions of 7 do not comply with either the Constitution or the Statute, according to the Council of Statutory Guarantees “, concluded Fomento del Treball.


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