Food trade sector threatens to take action

Workers of Joint Committee 119 – the food trade sector – threaten to take action if employers remain deaf to staff demands, the unions in a common front said in a statement Friday.

The unions are calling for the development of a sectoral guide which covers the safety of workers, a bonus for the efforts made in the current conditions of the health crisis, additional compensation in the event of temporary unemployment (corona, sick leave and quarantine) and the assimilation of all periods of illness and / or temporary unemployment covid for the calculation of end-of-year bonuses.

Two meetings have already been organized with employers but it was a dialogue of the deaf, according to the trade unionist. “None of our demands have been heard. “

“The common front has had enough of the bosses’ contempt for their workers, for those who produce their wealth! Too much is too much, ”assures the common union front.

However, there will be no action during the social elections, said Tangui Cornu of the FGTB Horval, but this could be the case in late November.

CP 119 affects around 37,000 workers, from small, medium and large wholesale and retail food companies.

“The big distribution companies don’t want their staff to depend on a sectoral agreement. If we are an essential sector, it is not only the employees of a few companies who make a great effort, but it is the whole sector ”, underlined the union representative despite the existing differences. Indeed, if some companies are suffering from the closure of the hotel and catering industry, others have dramatically increased their turnover thanks to the crisis.

A new consultation is scheduled for November 18. “If we are not heard, we will unfortunately have to go further,” concluded Mr. Cornu.


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