Food waste: "France, pioneer of bulk consumption?"

Célia Rennesson, co-founder and general manager of Réseau Vrac

"The bulk industry, represented by the Réseau Vrac association, responds to the urgent need to reduce at the source the waste of resources related to domestic consumption, in particular the reduction of food waste and disposable packaging waste.

The draft law on the fight against waste and the circular economy aims to provide concrete answers to this need. Tabled September 30, 2019, the text adopted by the Senate will be discussed in open session in the National Assembly from Monday, December 9. This text could mark the anchoring of the bulk sale in our modes of consumption.

In France, the Réseau Vrac association created in 2016 set up tools and training on good practices in bulk sales, to professionalize and structure the sector. With these tools, the bulk market in our country is experiencing exceptional growth. New retail models, dedicated exclusively to bulk, are developing. The world of mass-market retailers and major brands are interested in this market, which is popular with consumers. Good French practices in bulk sales are also spread internationally. The Réseau Vrac association already has many foreign members, and an antenna was created this year in Belgium.

In order to encourage the growth of this mode of consumption and to make it a real alternative to prepackaged consumption, our body of legislation must offer the bulk industry a defined and applicable framework for all.

The law must begin by defining bulk sales based on the fundamentals of this mode of consumption: buying in bulk means buying the right amount in a reusable container. Secondly, it must state the principle that all products must be able to be sold in bulk, especially products with an official quality sign such as a PDO or PGI. Moreover, the right of the consumer to be served in a reusable container must be expressly recognized, and to go even further, supermarkets of large size should be required to make available such containers.

Bulk Network amendments have been tabled to this effect as part of the debates on the draft law mentioned above. Adopted by the Senate at first reading and by the Committee on Sustainable Development in the National Assembly, they will now be discussed in open session in the National Assembly.

Europe has not yet looked into this type of consumption. The adoption of the Bulk Network amendments in the bill would mark the consecration of France as a pioneer of bulk consumption. What a good example for Europe and the world: that of a State that is actively engaged in the democratization of a sustainable and responsible mode of consumption. We keep hope! "

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