Food waste: Popotte Duck, the app that manages your shopping … and concocts your menus

In France, a family of four throws away the equivalent of one meal per week on average. And according to a study by Ademe, the Ecological Transition Agency, each year, it is the equivalent of a minimum wage that ends up in the trash in each home.

Food, the first source of waste, before industry and agriculture: on the basis of this sad observation, Alexia Desportes-Richard, a Lyon entrepreneur specializing in “food”, has embarked on the hunt for waste. “I observed the madness around the home-made and, by digging a little, I identified the sources of waste, explains the thirty-something. There is the end of the plates that go into the trash, the many expired products that end in the same way, just like overconsumption, these products that we buy in the supermarket and that we do not know what to do with. “

Balanced and personalized recipes

It is therefore at the level of the organization of meals that Alexia Desportes-Richard has decided to act. After two years of research and development, his start-up, created in 2017, launched Popotte Duck in January, a free app that helps families manage groceries, the contents of the fridge and meals.

You just have to enter what is in your fridge and in your cupboards the first time. And from this data, Popotte Duck offers balanced and personalized menus and recipes for each meal, which take into account the number of people, diets and any allergies. All while managing the expiration dates and freshness of the products. The app also suggests shopping lists.

Immediate success for this “kitchen attendant”, with some 5,000 downloads since the start of the year, at a rate of nearly 200 per day. And already the first feedback: “Families save on average 30% to 50% on their usual budget”, rejoices the creator of Popotte Duck. “When you are parents of young children, this tool offers the luxury of eating good and healthy, with less mental load,” explains Chloé, a young mother, who has been using it for a month.

Alexia does not intend to stop there. The entrepreneur is preparing for the launch of her physical Popotte Duck this summer, a “cooking planner” to be placed in the kitchen, which concentrates the same functions as the app, by integrating a scale and a voice command. What to realize directly the recipes. The duck with good boils will be sold for 199 euros through a home sales and demonstration network, a distribution method that has already made the Thermomix a success.

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