Foot – Ligue 1 – Alvaro-Neymar: “The certainties are not sufficient to summon the players”

League 1

After communicating the decisions of the disciplinary committee, its president Sébastien Deneux provided some details on the Alvaro-Neymar file, which was placed under investigation.

The LFP therefore announced this Wednesday evening that it was opening an investigation into the racist remarks allegedly made by OM defender Alvaro Gonzalez towards PSG striker Neymar, who was suspended for two matches. plus a conditional sentence. Regarding accusations of racism, “The certainties are not sufficient to summon the players”, declared the chairman of the disciplinary committee Sébastien Deneux. The latter added that the instruction would consist of a more in-depth analysis of the images of the exchanges between the Spaniard and the Brazilian.

The goal will be to establish “What was actually said, what was actually heard”, continued the official, insisting that his commission only pronounced “On objective, tangible elements”.

Neymar’s alleged homophobic remarks will also be scrutinized

Asked whether this investigation would also concern homophobic remarks likely to have been made by Neymar, Sébastien Deneux replied: “This (Wednesday) In the evening, we were seized with possible racist comments from Alvaro. We must speak with the greatest caution. The investigation will reveal whether there are any other facts that could lead to disciplinary consequences. “

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