Football and data, a closeness behind closed doors

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Will the Covid-19 pandemic and the prospect of long weeks of matches played behind closed doors end up rocking football into the world of big data? It’s not impossible. Ted Knutson, founder of the StatsBomb site, and former analyst at Brentford FC, says he has “received a lot of requests” from European clubs since the main championships ended.

Companies like hers but also SciSports, Wyscout, Smartodds, Prozone and many others still function today as real recruiting firms by producing statistics that go very far in the analysis of players, but also systems of game and coaches. The current crisis highlights this. “Clubs adapt to their needs,” said Ted Knutson. I notice that even those who were rather reluctant to use data started talking to us. The movement will continue naturally: the scouts who cannot move will seek additional information. And this info is held by start-ups like StatsBomb. ”


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