Football: Anto Grgic, new barometer of FC Sion

Posted1 mars 2021, 08:21

The shape curve of the Sédunois follows quite precisely that of their midfielder at the moment. And when he suffers, like Sunday against Vaduz (0-2), all of Zion suffers.

To write that Anto Grgic justifies his salary at Sion for three years by two or three prodigious gestures per season, no more, would be exaggerated and very insulting. And especially particularly false since this season when it is rain and shine in Valais, with his eight goals, his incredible hat-trick against St. Gallen a month ago and his three assists. But all the same, what a strange player the Zurich midfielder is. His tendency to disappear during three matches to better get out of his box and slam a free kick at 25 meters, this nonchalance which sometimes leaves room for omnipresence. And now, this dependence that binds him to his team.

Yes, the discreet Anto Grgic now serves as a barometer for FC Sion. Since the January resumption, we have often had the impression that the Valaisans were overplaying a bit, that their propensity to meet at the right time in the right place was above average. She alone did not explain the correct results obtained by Fabio Grosso’s troop, but she clearly participated in them.

Sion – Vaduz, the symboles

The observation is valid at least as much for Grgic. He is used to seasons between two and four goals, he the man who initiates actions rather than their conclusion, he the element that is rarely cited spontaneously as the best or worst player of the match. Now he shines brightly, scored decisive goals, figure in all good shots. To hang on to the right Super League wagon, Sion clung to him. And inevitably, when he becomes again the player he has been since his arrival at Tourbillon in 2018, the return to earth hurts.

Sunday Zion – Vaduz is the personification of this theory. First, a shimmering Anto Grgic, which gives the impetus, the tempo. The Valaisans are successful at the start of the match, sharing the impression that they will bury Liechtensteiners who are still euphoric from their last performances. But the ball that his master to play would undoubtedly have sent into the small net not long ago, he propelled it into the empty stands (7th minute). Problem number 1.

Survival mode in Vaduz, not yet in Sion

Problem number 2 is happening very quickly, too quickly. Grgic runs out of steam, changes his appearance. His game while vision becomes waste. During construction, there is a gaping hole between the two lines of Sedun. Sion no longer projects forward, or in a way too unstructured to continue to confuse the mind of a Vaduz who has come on a mission. The difference between the two teams was probably here. Both are never better than when they engage survival mode. Vaduz had done it, not Zion.

The whole question now is when will Anto Grgic and his comrades do the same. Beaten by the last in the standings, certainly no better than them, who also benefited from two very generous penalties to register the only two successes of the meeting, they are caught up and play-offs only thanks to an advantageous goal difference. But is this really enough for the emergency to win the ranks of Valais? Last year, we had to wait for the final sprint before seeing the Tourbillon residents move up a gear.

But there is undoubtedly an analogy that should not be drawn between two quite different numbers. Because before Sunday’s insipid performance, Sion had shown an attitude and qualities which should guarantee him a certain regularity. Without this identity, where all their rivals have found theirs, the Valaisans will not succeed.

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