Football club retreat: did Darmanin tell the truth?

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Gérald Darmanin said Wednesday morning on RTL that our article on the subject was false. He was wrong. Le Figaro shows you why.

The Minister of Public Accounts, December 12 in his office in Bercy.
The Minister of Public Accounts, December 12 in his office in Bercy. François BOUCHON / Le Figaro

This Wednesday morning on RTL, Gérald Darmanin criticized the study by the Social Protection Institute (IPS), whose Le Figaro had revealed the results in its edition of the day, dealing with the unexpected gains of the pension reform for professional football clubs. This study has made quite a bit of noise because it implies that, in the specific case of soccer players, it has nothing to do with social justice reform that the government is trying to infuse into public opinion at all costs. “It’s totally false”, said the Minister of Public Accounts twice in response to a question from journalist Alba Ventura, contesting not only the content of the paper (that football clubs would ultimately save money by switching to the universal pension scheme ) but also the credibility of the institute that produced the study.

In the end and after having talked about it with those around him, it turns out that the minister’s attacks did not concern the paper itself, nor Le Figaro

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