Football Italy – Juventus pushes Cristiano Ronaldo towards PSG

Cristiano Ronaldo keeps the suspense on his future going, but above all it seems that CR7 doesn’t really have a choice, because if Juventus still have him under contract, Allegri would not be sad to see him go to PSG.

The holidays are over for Cristiano Ronaldo who will have to leave his partner, the beach, his yacht and his Rolls-Royce to resume training with Juventus. The Portuguese star knows it, his future raises many questions, because one year from the end of his contract with the Bianconeri, CR7 is no longer as desired as before by the Turin club. In addition to his salary of 31 million euros, which seemed normal three years ago when Juve picked him up from Real Madrid but now seems excessive, there is especially the fact that Massimiliano Allegri has returned to the club bench. Piedmontese. The Italian coach is not an absolute fan of CR7 and the latter knows it very well, Allegri has not forgotten that Cristiano Ronaldo had pushed him to the exit after the elimination against Ajax in 2019 and he also knows that the latter puts his personal statistics before those of his team. In other words, the situation of the Portuguese player is far from clear.

This is confirmed by Tancredi Palmeri, Italian specialist in the transfer window, who specifies that at 36, Cristiano Ronaldo knows that his future at Juventus will end at the latest in a year. ” Allegri would happily do without CR7, Cristiano will agree to go elsewhere, as long as he can play the Champions League. But, Juventus aren’t even thinking of offering Cristiano a contract renewal just yet if he doesn’t put a huge strain on his salary. What he refused to do even to sign for Manchester United », Explains the journalist, who sees only Paris Saint-Germain to possibly change the situation. However, Palmeri admits, Cristiano Ronaldo does not have the hand in this file, CR7 dependent on the Mbappé file, but also on that of Icardi. Even Jorge Mendes seems not to believe too much in a transfer this summer.

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