Football: Italy wants to use VAR only at the request of teams –

The Italian Football Federation (FIGC) announced Thursday that it had proposed to FIFA to experiment with a VAR (video assist to refereeing) system at the request of teams, like the challenges of tennis.

The FIGC has been interpreting requests coming in recent weeks from many Serie A clubs and informally informing FIFA of its availability to experiment with the use of the challenge within a time limit and according to procedures that l ‘Ifab (the body responsible for the laws of the game) must define“, writes the Italian Federation in a press release.

The Italian championship had been a pioneer in the use of video assistance, with a test season conducted in Serie A, before the official adoption of the device by FIFA and Ifab.

The Federation is convinced that by continuing the course already started, it will be possible to bring football to a dimension that will always make it closer to millions of fans, without harming the authority of the referee and by providing him with opposite concrete elements to help him“, continues the FIGC.

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