Footballer bites rival’s penis and suspended 5 years

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Mexico City / 19.02.2020 09:06:19

Everything happened at the end of the game between the teams Terville and Soetrich in a local league in France, after one player from each team started a fight in the parking lot and in order to separate them, a third party went to conciliate, being the most affected, after receiving a bite in the penis.

The victim who only sought to separate his partner and the rival, needed 10 stitches, which forced him to rest for four days. It all happened on November 17, 2019, but until today the sanction was known.

What was the punishment?

The disciplinary committee requested the help of an expert to determine the punishment, since this occurred in the stadium parking at the end of the match

“There was an argument, an escalation and things got worse. (The fault was) it was more or less shared, “he said. Emmanuel Saling, from the Mosellan soccer district.

The Soetrich player received a five-year suspension, while the victim was suspended six months.

The club was also sanctioned

Although the match had ended in 1-1 draw, the picture of Soetrich will be punished with two points less, in addition to a fine of 200 euros due to lack of security and reaction when the fight took place.



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