FOPH adjusts quarantine list: France no longer risk area – Montenegro new on the list

The list of risk countries from the BAG was updated on Wednesday. Belgium, Armenia and France are no longer considered risk areas. Only the French overseas territory Polynesia is currently still on the list. According to the BAG, trips to Paris and Co. are now possible again without the obligation to quarantine.

The list of risk countries was significantly longer three weeks ago. Since Switzerland had overtaken many countries in terms of the number of infections, the FOPH decided to only declare countries as risk areas that: in the last two weeks had more than 60 infections per hundred thousand more than Switzerland. Switzerland currently has 1,069 infections per hundred thousand inhabitants.

In Austria, the regions of Upper Austria and Salzburg are considered risk areas. Otherwise, only Andorra, Luxembourg, Montenegro and the Czech Republic can be found on the BAG’s list.

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