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Despite the applauded return of “Física o Química”, “FoQ: The Reunion”Comes to an end with its second episode, which will premiere on Sunday, January 3, 2021. The well-remembered Spanish fiction returned on December 27 with a miniseries that told what happened to its protagonists.

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In the first episode of “FoQ: The Reunion”A special event brings back those who were classmates during the best time of their lives. All of them have changed over time, some more than others, as their teachers tell them, although some of them seem to have trouble remembering who they were.

Or perhaps what one of them wants to forget is that, in reality, for all these years they have been keeping a secret. A secret that cost him a friendship from this group of friends. A reunion is the ideal setting to remember your best moments, smooth things over and confess what was never said. Because it is already known that at thirty the decisions that are made are forever.

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Will Yoli and Oriol get married in the last episode of “FoQ: The reunion”? (Photo: Atresmedia)


The second chapter of the sequel to “Physics or chemistry”Will premiere at midnight this Sunday, January 3 by Atresplayer Premium.

Because the series has fans both in Spain and in other countries, the new episodes can also be seen Atresplayer Premium International.

Atresplayer Premium is a paid streaming platform that you can subscribe to, if you are in Spain, for 2.99 euros per month or 29.99 euros per year.

Outside of Spain you can pay for the International Premium package to access the exclusive content of Atresplayer. The plan has a monthly cost of 4.99 euros in Latin America, the United States and Canada, although you also have the annual subscription that has a value of 49.99 euros.

For Mexico, the price is 99 Mexican pesos for the monthly plan and 999 pesos for the annual plan.


According to Atresmedia, in the second episode of “FoQ: The Reunion”,“ It is Yoli and Oriol’s wedding day. Everything is beautiful, the day promises to be wonderful. The boys come from their rooms. The bride is nervous. Oriol, charming as always, reassures him, although he realizes that he is not wearing his engagement ring, where is it? Yoli hides it, although she approaches Cabano’s room.

Olimpia and Irene comment on Oriol. Irene met him at the school where he worked, he was a classist and homophobic type, very different from now. He knows he’s hiding something … Paula also discovers a hickey on Gorka’s neck. Who has he been with?

And the time comes to go to the altar. Everyone awaits the arrival of Yoli, who is in the hotel on the arm of her brother Berto, with a sea of ​​doubts… will she say yes I want? “


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