For a conspiratorial priest of Bullange, it is Bill Gates who, possessed by the devil, is responsible for the coronavirus pandemic: he has been fired!

The Grenz-Echo reports the case.

If several of the faithful got up and left the church, another interrupted the priest. For the faithful who confided in the German-speaking daily, the priest’s words were unacceptable, especially given the number of young people who attended the celebration. The faithful also explains that the role of the Church is not to interfere with the choices of each individual.

Blame it on Bill Gates!

According to the Grenz-Echo, the priest held Bill Gates responsible for the pandemic, adding that he was possessed by the devil. The priest would also have criticized the wearing of the mask and mouth protection, on several occasions.

The priest joined the pastoral community of Bullange a year ago as an auxiliary priest on a trial basis. The bishopric indicates that he had ended his collaboration with the priest a few weeks ago, given his divisive personality. The man took advantage of the last mass he was celebrating to get a message across.


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