For a year he abused his daughter: They reveal details of the complaint against Ricardo Crespo

Little by little, details about the actor’s case are released Ricardo Crespo, who was arrested a few days ago by elements of the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City (CDMX) for sexually abuse of your own is 14 years old.

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Although it was known that his ex-wife denounced him last December 2020 for having attacked her daughter, it was until yesterday, February 16, when the also singer was linked to the process and admitted to the South Prison for the crime of corruption of aggravated minors.

Induced an underage person for several years to perform sexual acts and witness pornographic content”Announced the capital authorities.

It is for this reason that Crespo He must remain in informal preventive detention and a period of three months was set for the closure of the complementary investigation.

Investigation folder details revealed

While the journalist Carlos Jiménez, who had access to the investigation folder, detailed that the singer was denounced in December 2020, he was arrested last week, but his identity was not revealed until last Monday.

In addition, he explained that the aggressions suffered by the minor occurred over several years and in different places.

It is a very strong crime, in which you have to take care of the victim and who supports her, in this case her mother. According to what she denounces is that a violation was committed as such, this aggression did occur, according to what she denounces, and not only once but on different occasions and during different periods of time and in different places, there are details of some places”, He explained.

Studies support aggression

Likewise, Jiménez highlighted that is of Ricardo It has already been subjected to different physical and psychological studies that will serve as evidence against Garibaldi’s former member.

When they do the series of studies on the minor for the Prosecutor’s Office, there is a way to sustain this aggression, that is why they request the arrest warrant against this man and the judge considers that they have enough elements and orders that they imprison him, because For the authorities, there are sufficient elements to demonstrate that the violation was carried out against the minor”, He added.

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