For Alexander de Croo, we are facing the epidemic of the unvaccinated: the Minister of Health reacts

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo raised his tone on Friday, at the end of the consultation committee, to denounce the low vaccination rate in the Brussels Region and the danger, for society, caused by those who do not get vaccinated. “This epidemic is becoming an epidemic of the unvaccinated. We cannot accept it, we cannot accept that people make the choice to put other people in danger. It is those who have not been vaccinated who are responsible. “ the extension of certain restrictive measures, had launched the head of the federal government.

Federal Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke was on the set of It’s not every day Sunday this September 19. He returned to the statements of the Prime Minister. “He (Prime Minister De Croo editor’s note) said that it is an act of solidarity to be vaccinated. I believe it is legitimate to ask a person who is not vaccinated to present a negative test when she goes into a nightclub, a café, a restaurant. You have to convince and explain. It’s about protecting yourself and your loved ones “, indicates the minister.

Compulsory vaccination for everyone, “a theory”

The federal government also hopes that next week steps will be taken in the compulsory vaccination of nursing staff. Opinions are awaited from the National Labor Council and the Federal Council of Care Institutions. The Minister of Health, Frank Vandenbroucke, wants to move quickly. According to him, making vaccination compulsory for the rest of the population would however be difficult to apply. “It’s a theory”, he believes.

The Consultative Committee also decided to relax measures to combat the spread of the coronavirus, nationwide. The epidemiological and vaccination situation is however very contrasted from one territory to another.

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