For autumn outfits, it’s enough to know these 6 outfit formulas. They are high-end and stylish, and the rate of return is high.

2023-09-22 13:31:12

Autumn not only brings cool wind and restrained retro atmosphere, but also brings endless inspiration for our daily wear. When faced with a whole wardrobe of clothes but no way to start, girls always think about it. A voice will emerge: I still have one more piece of clothing to wear, I need a new one.

But often at this time, as long as we can observe the clothes of some fashionistas, we can find our own dressing style in this fleeting autumn, making us more colorful and beautiful in the crowd, which can be elegant and romantic It can also be free and easy in personality, bringing a confident and calm posture. It has to be said that the outfits of fashionistas have indeed provided a lot of fashion inspiration for all of us in our daily wear. For autumn dressing, it is enough to know these 6 dressing formulas. It will be high-end and stylish, and the rate of return will be high.

▼Let’s take a look at the autumn outfit formulas of fashionistas.

1. Dress + pink coat

The coat itself is a relatively warm and thick fashion item. It can better show women’s restrained elegance, more mature, warmer and thicker. Indeed, many fashion items in autumn and winter are simple, gentle, thick and elegant, and the right color is chosen. And the pattern design makes it easy for you to look like a Korean drama heroine.

For girls with a gentle and sweet temperament, the elegant style is the most suitable. In terms of color selection, you can choose this combination of white and pink to maximize the gentle charm of women. The styles are also very simple and clean. The basic style is a white half-high collar knitted dress, which is gentle and comfortable. Paired with a pink woolen coat, it can keep you warm and show off your sweet and romantic temperament.

2. Gray coat + black boots

However, a pink coat like this is more picky about skin color and temperament. It is a good bonus for girls with fair skin, but for girls with dull and sallow skin, wearing something like this Color will undoubtedly magnify its own flaws and shortcomings. At this time, you can choose some gray. Black is a color that is a little stable and restrained but also very tolerant.

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Compared with boring black, gray is actually softer in temperament, but it also has a sense of restraint. Especially choose some light gray woolen coats, which are tolerant and atmospheric. How can you achieve a better transition effect and at the same time cover a large area? The application also has a strong sense of tolerance for skin color, whether it is cool white leather or black and yellow leather, it can be easily used. Paired with black short boots on the feet, the color is darker, not top-heavy, and more coordinated. I am worried that using a large area of ​​​​gray will look a bit awkward. If it is monotonous and boring, then we can choose white items with a slightly higher brightness to brighten the skin tone and create a sense of hierarchy.

3. Windbreaker + jeans

The trench coat can be said to be the most essential item in the autumn wardrobe. Brave and capable, elegant and generous.A free and easy windbreaker, whether paired with wide-leg pants or jeans, can bring out the gentleness and ease of women to the extreme. It’s no wonder that so many fashionistas prefer all kinds of windbreakers.

The khaki windbreaker is restrained and elegant in color, and has a bit of refreshing feeling. It is a typical earth color, but more refreshing. Combining this shirt collar design and straight version, it not only accommodates the body line, but also temperament. There is also a bit more neatness on the top. The pair of high-waisted wide-leg jeans is very unique. This double-layer design is used on the trouser legs to add a bit of agility without ruining the overall look. Simple and elegant.

But compared to this shirt-collar windbreaker design, I prefer the traditional classic lapel collar design. The collar is larger, forming a V-neck visual feel, which can easily show off the inner wear and increase the look. A sense of layering and freshness. And the style design is relatively more concise and elegant, and you are not particularly picky about your face shape and body shape. It is a classic style item that we ordinary people can easily control.

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This windbreaker is also made in khaki, but it is relatively more stable and mature. It is a color used more often in autumn and winter. This kind of mature and restrained temperament is charming, but it is also gentle and thick enough.

The simple suit collar windbreaker jacket in early autumn adopts a simple straight design with neat and smooth lines. Combined with this slightly textured fabric, it better modifies our body lines and makes our posture look better. Upright and full of aura.

The blogger paired it with a red and white striped shirt. The early autumn pure cotton round-neck striped T-shirt is worth buying for girls. It is very versatile and can be combined with trousers, jeans, and skirts. The French classic all-match sea soul shirt is suitable for many occasions.

The colors are relatively more eye-catching and bright, which can better highlight the vitality of women and break the boring atmosphere of autumn and winter. Pair the lower body with simple nine-point jeans. It is neat and elegant, and it can be copied by the general public. A set of temperamental outfits.

4. Knitted cardigan + skirt

Although autumn has officially entered, in the south, the weather is still not that cold. Many people can still wear some simple knitted cardigans. The new romantic light purple knitted cardigan can be said to be eye-catching. , but not too ostentatious, showing the romantic and elegant temperament and charm, showing gentleness in every gesture.

In fact, the design of this knitted cardigan is quite unique. Although the style is simple, it is. The overall fabric is full of concave and convex, which adds to the layering of the look. In fact, this solid color design will not look old-fashioned, or it can be worn monotonically with a white round-neck shirt, and the tattoo can be matched with a white skirt, which is refreshing and refreshing. , the clean white and purple color scheme brings the romantic atmosphere to the extreme, simple and gentle, very suitable for girls with sweet style.

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5. Denim shirt + jeans

Fabrics and materials like denim and stone are widely used. Using some dark denim items in autumn and winter can often quickly create a retro and romantic temperament. Take the outfit below as an example, denim Pairing a shirt with jeans can be said to be the ultimate denim item, but it can really highlight a neutral and free and easy temperament.

And the design is also more sexy. Instead of choosing a solid color, I chose this gradient color of deep and light gum. Whether it is a denim shirt or a denim high-waisted wide-leg pants, they all use this kind of color. The gradient design, visually speaking, has a richer sense of layering, which can break the monotony and boringness, but the retro feel of the jeans itself can also be brought out, making it sassy and handsome, cool, high-profile and western.

6. Small fragrant jacket + short skirt

Xiaoxiangfeng jacket can be said to be synonymous with nobility and elegance, and the fabric is relatively thick, and the tailoring design mostly adopts this crisp design, which can better modify the outline of our body, so it is used very frequently in autumn and winter. A high-end fashion item, with brown as the main color, but also embellished with some miscellaneous floral elements, which can maintain the restraint and stability of the overall shape, but also has a sense of layering and fashion, without looking too old-fashioned and boring.

For the general public, we not only need to keep warm, but also need to be fashionable to wear in autumn. It does take a lot of thought to be able to achieve an outfit that combines both fashion and practicality. If you really have no clue about dressing up, you might as well learn from the outfits of fashionistas to learn their ideas and color schemes to add inspiration and provide ideas for our own dressing up.

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