For fear of the Delta variant, the people of Gers want to be vaccinated

The Delta variant hovers over the Gers, and the concern lands at the Auch vaccination center on Monday afternoon, notes this volunteer at the reception: “yes, there are a lot more people than usual“. In the queue, many appointments already planned for a long time. In particular parents with their teenagers, for a vaccine before leaving on vacation. But there are also those with whom these latest deaths caused an electric shock, like Véronique and Pierre, a couple of sixty years old from a village near Lombez. “We saw the news on TV, and it worried us a little. So we thought we were going“, admits Véronique.

We are isolated, we live in a house in the countryside. We didn’t really feel concerned“says Pierre. these deaths of two people aged 42 and 60, unvaccinated, finally made them decide.

And they are not alone. This Monday June 28, the telephone platform received 875 calls in a single morning, come from all over the department. “We had not seen this for three weeks“indicates Delphine Grail Dumas, the sub-prefect of Mirande in charge of vaccination in the department.”It is not a start of panic, it is an awareness, and it is necessary“judge the representative of the State.

No restrictive measures for the moment

Even if today the situation has nothing to do with the peaks of the epidemic, the Regional Health Agency expects to see this Delta variant take over everywhere. “It’s a race against time“says the ARS, to detect, isolate cases, and vaccinate while it is time. And thus limit the severity.

On the side of the prefecture, no question of taking restrictions for the moment, because the indicators are rather good, especially in terms of incidence and hospitalizations. Major events can therefore take place, indicates Prefect Xavier Brunetière. Like this weekend on the Nogaro circuit, where a Truck Grand Prix is ​​taking place. The only condition: the sanitary pass.

On the other hand, if the indicators turn bad again, and the virus is actively circulating again, “restrictive measures will have to be adopted“specifies the prefect. This is not the case for the moment.

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