For Hamilton, an 8th title will not be the “deciding factor” to continue – Fil Info – Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton, who has signed a new contract with Mercedes for 2021, is aiming for a record 8th world title which would be “an ultimate dream” but not the “deciding factor” as to whether he will continue in 2022 or not, he said. explained in a press conference on Tuesday. “I don’t want this to be the deciding factor. I got into auto racing because I love racing and I think it should always be at the heart of what I do. If all you want is the rewards, if all you want is the titles, I feel like you can get lost. Of course, this is the ultimate dream, but I don’t think it is necessarily the deciding factor to stop or continue. But rather: when I put on this helmet, do I still have that smile when I leave the garage? In short: do I like it, ”said the Mercedes driver at a press conference.


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